Variable Voltage Capacitor Charger

In one of my many discussions with Sam, we both discovered that the output voltage possible with a given transformer varies substantially with the frequency of the input signal. This means that one can build a variable voltage capacitor chargers by varying not the input voltage but the frequency of the charging pulses. As an example, a transformer with a 300:1 turn ratio with 1.5V pulsing on the primary will not always putout …

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Flash Tests, Part 2 (Freezing the Motion of a Bee Wing)

In my previous post, I described the results of my first disposable camera flash tests, and their implications based on the speed and size of a bee’s wing. I decided to take the plunge and test some really expensive capacitors, to see if they really make a difference or not. There is a limit to how much I’ll be willing to do to shorten flash duration—pulse shaping with inductors may be possible, …

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A few years ago I ran across this website and was fascinated by the work that this man had done, particularly his system for photographing insects in flight. I embarked then, however slowly, into trying to build an equivalent system for use with medium format film or larger. Here I document my thoughts, progress, goals, and (hopefully) some achievements. Any information present herein cannot be used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission from the authors, effective the date of the first post.