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Category Archives: Endorsement

Something New

I haven’t done anything lately, but I’ll start posting some new stuff soon. But most importantly now I want to mention a new link I added, one to a website full of manuals. Idiots sell manuals to old cameras and equipment online for 100% profit and it’s most likely completely illegal. I got sick of […]

Dead floppy drive?

If you still have a computer from the era when they all included floppy drives, then most likely the floppy drive is dead. Why? Because they are pieces of #^#@, and fill up with dust, and because they have a mean-time-before-failure equal to the time between your buying it and your needing it desperately minus […]

Your alternative to crappy WinZip and buggy WinAce

If at some point in your life you downloaded crap from the Internet you ran across ACE files, or maybe RARs, or whatever. Most people are familiar with WinZip and it’s nagging “buy me” message. I used to use a version of WinAce which would destroy any ZIP file it created that was bigger than […]