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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Dead Hard Drives 2

I should have thought of this… I did a quick search on the Internet for “hard drive platter transplant” and it lead me to a link on hackaday about doing such an operation. The article itself seems to be crap; the important part are all the comments left. There are a few people who seem […]

Dead hard drives

Here’s something I can do with them! (read here)

Hasselblad 500 EL/M Adventures, Part II

In continuation to my first post in the series…. By reading the above post you will see that my 500 EL/M broke when I tried to remove the lens. The way I had left it, I had epoxied the gear back onto the shaft which held up—until I put film in the back, and the […]


Heh. It had to happen…. As you may or may not know, I recently made some discoveries that allowed me to put my iTunes library on a portable drive and update my iPod wherever I wanted, truly making my library mobile (and not just my MP3’s). I always wondered why computer hardware (cases, motherboards, graphics […]


This post is somewhat in continuation to the post about putting your iTunes library on a portable drive. Today I went to plug my iPod into the computer and upload some new MP3’s. Since I wasn’t doing it at my home computer, I expected iTunes to demand that I delete the entire contents of the […]