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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Dead floppy drive?

If you still have a computer from the era when they all included floppy drives, then most likely the floppy drive is dead. Why? Because they are pieces of #^#@, and fill up with dust, and because they have a mean-time-before-failure equal to the time between your buying it and your needing it desperately minus […]

Hasselblad 500 EL/M Adventures

Well, I just finished putting my 500 EL/M together after almost completely taking it apart. So as usual I went to use it one day and the $150 batteries were dead. It stopped mid-stroke, and I was in the boonies, so I cocked the camera manually to remove the lens. BAD IDEA. As far as […]

Speaking of taskbar [system tray] clocks

All I wanted was a clock with two timezones shown… and I couldn’t find a free one. Took me months to even find out how these people were writing their great shareware. Turns out, as I suspected, that the tray clock (at the bottom right of your screen) is not an independent program so it […]

Your alternative to crappy WinZip and buggy WinAce

If at some point in your life you downloaded crap from the Internet you ran across ACE files, or maybe RARs, or whatever. Most people are familiar with WinZip and it’s nagging “buy me” message. I used to use a version of WinAce which would destroy any ZIP file it created that was bigger than […]

Adding actions such as command prompts to the right click menu

It is handy sometimes to be able to open a command prompt in Windows in a specific directory, especially if you’re writing scripts you just want to run from the command line. For command prompts it’s easy, as there is a Power Toy called DOSHere[.inf]. But really it’s all about the registry. Luckily (well, somewhat) […]

Moving your user profile in Windows

If you’ve been using computers for a while you may have gotten used to re-installing Windows from scratch every so often because of its self-destructive personality. For this reason I wanted to find a way to keep all my data files (settings and documents) on a separate partition than the one in which Windows was […]

Putting your iTunes library on a portable drive in Windows

Finally, the post about symlinks in Windows and how they come in handy. Many people out there, including me, have a gazillion MP3’s that would never fit on any iPod no matter how bloated they become. The solution is, of course, to put them on an external drive, so at least you can listen to […]

I am not this guy

I know I said my next post would be about symbolic links in Windows, but I must clarify something first. I did a Google search for “donkeypuss” and ran across I am in no way associated with that, or, rather, he’s not associated with me, depending on who’s blog you like better. Amazing that […]

My First Post

Hello all. I’m writing my first post here to explain the links I’ve added to my blog—the ones on the right side of the page. I have found these links to be very useful, so I’m publishing them. Basically, they comprise my favorites list. First, the pictorial histories of cameras. The three I’ve liked leafing […]


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