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I am not this guy

I know I said my next post would be about symbolic links in Windows, but I must clarify something first.

I did a Google search for “donkeypuss” and ran across I am in no way associated with that, or, rather, he’s not associated with me, depending on who’s blog you like better.

Amazing that we would both find the word donkeypuss appealing. For me, it comes from the fact that donkey was a very funny word once, although it was decided in committee on August 1st, 2002, that any word or phrase “said over and over again starts to sound funny”—such as “chicken soup”. But “the status that [donkey] has become may never be reached by another word ever, but I think it’s time that we start to uncover other words that may one day reach the status of the word `donkey’, like `chicken soup’, or `frozen hamburgers’, or `ingrown male fetuses’, or `dirty socks’, or even `sparkplug’, and maybe if it’s lucky, the word `keyboard’.”

However, “chicken soup” never achieved what “donkey” did. “Tigerpaw” got close.

“Donkeypuss” was a resurrection of “donkey” by adding the suffix “puss”, which is one of those words that old people use cutely while young people think it’s absolutely gross.

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