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Today I searched the ‘net to see how the discussions were going, and I came across this forum. Included are some pretty desired documents. One is a pair of papers by Andrew Bauer, arguably the true originator of the concept. One paper describes what is essentially a continuously tacking boat; the other is a boat […]

Directly Down Wind Faster Than The Wind (DDWFTTW)

Over a year ago there was an article in Make magazine by Charles Platt inspired by a YouTube video of a propeller-driven cart that allegedly could go down wind faster than the wind that was pushing it…. Everyone’s first instinct is to think “free energy”, or “perpetual motion machine”. I was convinced that this was […]

I couldn’t resist

Well, yesterday was my last flapping day. So Thursday night I came in and decided to fully automate the thing, as was my original dream. I inspected the new belt and it seemed to be holding up much better than the previous one. They are different types of rubber; both with fibers embedded in them […]

That thing I’ve been doing

So I’m trying to graduate this year, but simply getting my thesis done isn’t my style. It had to be automatic, or something. Over the past 5 years I’ve been working on the development of a camera system to measure flow velocity in three dimensions. The nerd-lingo designation would be “3D3C”, that is, three-dimensional measurement […]

Dead Hard Drives 2

I should have thought of this… I did a quick search on the Internet for “hard drive platter transplant” and it lead me to a link on hackaday about doing such an operation. The article itself seems to be crap; the important part are all the comments left. There are a few people who seem […]

Hasselblad 500 EL/M Adventures, Part II

In continuation to my first post in the series…. By reading the above post you will see that my 500 EL/M broke when I tried to remove the lens. The way I had left it, I had epoxied the gear back onto the shaft which held up—until I put film in the back, and the […]


Heh. It had to happen…. As you may or may not know, I recently made some discoveries that allowed me to put my iTunes library on a portable drive and update my iPod wherever I wanted, truly making my library mobile (and not just my MP3’s). I always wondered why computer hardware (cases, motherboards, graphics […]

Hasselblad 500 EL/M Adventures

Well, I just finished putting my 500 EL/M together after almost completely taking it apart. So as usual I went to use it one day and the $150 batteries were dead. It stopped mid-stroke, and I was in the boonies, so I cocked the camera manually to remove the lens. BAD IDEA. As far as […]